How do I take lessons with Word Unity tutors?

We provide online teaching services to students worldwide. If you are interested in joining as a student, all you have to do is submit a message at our Contact page and our staff will send you an e-mail to greet you and coordinate a free trial lesson. Our staff member will also answer any further doubts you may have.

What do I need to start taking lessons?

You’ll have to do three simple things; pick a language, choose a schedule according to your needs and install Skype.

To see the languages we offer, please check our Languages section.

What is Skype™ and why should I use it?

Skype is an application which serves the purpose of connecting people around the world thrskype-for-business-surfaceough video and voice calls. Skype is the most powerful application for holding webinars and it’s used by most online teaching services.

Skype allows you to take lessons with a native tutor from the comfort of you house provided that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. Through Skype, our tutors will be able to send you all kinds of files, including books, manuals and workbooks. Also, Skype is easy to use and it is familiar to a very wide public, but perhaps its most significant feature is that Skype is free to download, install and use.


Join us by providing you email and start taking language lessons from home. Take a free trial lesson right now!


1 lesson a week


€12 per lesson

60 minute lesson

Personal lesson


2 lessons a week


€9 per lesson

60 minute lesson

Personal lesson

Most popular!


2 group lessons a week

Starting at €32/month

€4 per lesson

60 minute lesson

Group lesson


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