Enrique Manzo

Legal Translator by National University of La Plata.
Spanish and English Teacher. Writer and language connoiseur.
More than five years of experience in teaching.

Andrei Puganov

Russian & German Teacher by Moscow State University.
Content writer for WordUnity.com.
More than ten years of experience in teaching.

Who we are

We are a continuously growing network of language teachers who seek to reach new horizons and transmit their knowledge to the world at large beyond their local areas. This a a young and energetic project that is ready to make you learn and experience a new language.

In order to create Word Unity, two language teachers, Enrique and Andrei, decided to join efforts with the purpose of building a new team of language professionals: teachers, translators, writers and so on. We decided to initiate an online learning platform so that we could reach people we would be unable to reach otherwise, so that we could communicate, so that we could gather, so that we could create this project together.

Word Unity – Spread the Word

Words are the elemental blocks of the lexicon of a language. They are the smallest meaningful units which can stand on their on, that is to say that they do not depend on another element in order to transmit their basic semantic content, their meaning. Words have been a source of fascination for philosophers since the beginning of humanity far before the very first Mesopotamian civilizations came into existence. These basic structures were believed to create life; if uttered or written in a proper way, they were believed to set in motion inanimate objects or attract ghosts and imaginary creatures. Ancient hunters would avoid naming bears during their expeditions and primitive parents would name their children after what they wished for them to be in the future. Even nowadays we believe words can create life; we believe that they can shape to our dreams.

Unity means a state in which several elements come together to form a single whole. For us, unity means a gathering of people to achieve a goal. Word Unity’s ultimate goal is to bring people closer so that they can spread their words in different languages, thus overcoming the language barrier.